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25 September 2013 @ 01:24 pm
Amanda sighed as she walked into the club, giving Sen-kun a wave. Normally, she only came about once in a month to check the books. Unfortunately, she'd been made aware of a pick-pocket who was stealing from her patrons and cutting into the profits as a result. Five or six wallets were being stolen in a night, and those individuals were usually the bigger spenders as well.

That was the problem with the location she'd picked for the club. It was in neutral territory and close enough to less favorable areas that an enterprising thief could easily make his or her way into the club. She hadn't heard anything about people trying to sell drugs in the club yet, but figured it was only a matter of time before someone got stupid. That was why she had more than one bouncer, though only Sen-kun was obvious. She didn't want thieves stealing from her patrons or drug dealers selling their poison in her club. That just cut into her profits. Let them drink alcohol if they wanted a buzz. Then the profits were going to the club at least.

Since she'd had a little conversation with a pick-pocket recently, she knew what to look for in the crowd. That was why she'd come back early. Technically, she shouldn't be allowed into the club tonight. Although they did have a teen night every few weeks that allowed 16 and older into the club, tonight was not one of those nights. Patrons were being asked for ID at the door if they looked younger than 20 and were thus under-age to drink.

Even though it was an adults-only night, Amanda knew a few teens would probably slip through the cracks. Sentoshi, the bouncer she called Sen-kun, was a little lenient on teen guys, especially the cute ones. Amanda didn't really care, as long as the club stayed open and the cops didn't find out. Either way, it was usually younger girls who tried to sneak in rather than guys and Sen-kun didn't have a taste for girls. He turned them away at the door. That was why she'd insisted on hiring him when the owner was thinking of someone else.

Like the last time she'd come to the club, she was whisked to the back for a wardrobe change. Today's outfit was a pair of tiny black leather pants and a red corset-style shirt that laced up the back and didn't have any sleeves. A whip was curled around a belt loop to her right side, the better to tie someone up with when she finally caught her prey. To make the outfit even worse, the top left plenty of her stomach showing and made her too aware that her chest had been growing lately.

"Why am I wearing this again? How on earth do you expect me to take down our thief if I have to worry about my shirt falling down?" Amanda asked the waitresses who'd thrust the clothes at her. They both shook their heads and one tightened the shirt a little more.

"It won't fall off. Here, put on these shoes." She stated as she handed over a pair of really high heeled black shoes. Amanda shuddered, but obediently put them on. Sore feet were a small price to pay.

After leaving the room, the blonde sat at her usual table and watched the crowd. Her eyes scanned each individual carefully. That was when she caught sight of a girl who stumbled and brushed up against a guy. As Amanda watched, the girl slid her hand teasingly over the guy while her other hand slipped his wallet into her pocket.

To be sure, Amanda kept her eyes on the girl and watched her lift three more wallets. She then got up and slipped onto the dance floor. With her prey in sight, the blonde slipped through the oblivious crowd, not letting anyone so much as brush against her, though she had to sway and move to the music to do so. She moved like a large cat stalking its prey and waited for the girl to lift another wallet, bidding her time so that she could catch the girl red-handed.

When the girl tried her trick again, Amanda snapped her hand out and caught the girls wrist. She instantly moved her body so that she caught the other hand and slipped her foot around the girl's legs from behind her. A little forward momentum was all she needed to take the other girl down. She heard the girl scream as she fell and made sure that the girl hit the ground extra hard.

She wasted no time in pulling the girl's hands and arms into a position behind her back and using the whip to hog-tie her. It was crude, but effective. She picked up the stolen wallet that had been dropped and instantly bowed to the victim, offering his wallet.

"I apologize if I've ruined your night, but I noticed that this girl was stealing your wallet." Amanda stated, keeping her eyes down demurely so that she wouldn't have to look at whoever had been the victim. She'd only seen the victim from behind, so she didn't know who it was and hoped that she wasn't going to face an irate drunkard.
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10 September 2013 @ 02:01 pm
Amanda was glad to finally leave Onizuka's class when the bell rang for lunch. Unfortunately, she also had him for 5th hour and now she was definitely not looking forward to the next class. The guy was a pervert, but at least she'd seen the new students. One in particular she wanted to talk to.

Like all of the other new students in the class, Izaya Ren had been called to the front. She remembered vaguely that someone mentioned that the son of an ally was entering the school, but she didn't know it was Izaya Masaomi's son. She was almost embarrassed the second she heard his name. Her aunt thought he was adorable and went out of her way to spoil him whenever she'd seen him or his family. She spoiled his sisters when she saw them too. Amanda had never actually met Ren, but she'd heard plenty to know he was already well-respected.

Amanda sighed as she tried to recall how much she knew. Mostly, she just knew what her grandparents and her aunt said about him. Her grandfather thought he had great potential as a businessman. The look her grandfather gave her whenever he said that was annoying. He was obviously comparing them and finding her lacking. It was her grandfather's belief that only men should work in business and women should be housewives. Since he didn't have a male heir, he was stuck with her and made it clear that she was never good enough. He planned to marry her off early so that her husband could be his heir, but Amanda had different plans and was so far refusing every possible match.

She shook her head, trying to get rid of those unpleasant memories. Her grandmother's impressions were better, but that was primarily because she didn't know anything about her husband's mafia activities or that Ren was Yakuza. She thought he was a sweet young man who needed feeding up, so she always made his favorite meals whenever she saw him. Her grandmother had told Amanda that it was cute that Ren seemed to hate sweets, which was more information than the blonde actually wanted to know.

It was her aunt who particularly annoyed Amanda. She was all praise for the boy. She thought he was adorable and often stated that she wished she could steal him away. Since her aunt had known his mother's family in Italy, Amanda supposed his mother and her aunt were acquaintances, or maybe even friends. Since her aunt got along with men better than women, Amanda figured it wasn't really weird that she liked Ren.

She considered just ignoring him or pretending ignorance, but that really wasn't an option. Eventually, she'd have to talk to him and it was better to just introduce herself now and get it over with. Maybe he wouldn't be as intimidating as his father. But then, he might be the type who was offended that she'd been adopted too. She'd met one relative in a far-distant branch family who'd been less than happy with the adoption, though she hadn't actually had any choice in the matter.

Maybe she'd just wait until after lunch...at least then she'd have an excuse to leave quickly if he was also the type that was upset about the adoption. With that decision in mind, Amanda decided that now was the perfect time to buy something sweet.

((OOC: Since Ren has already moved to the front of the class in the 4th hour post by Hikaru, Amanda is just commenting on seeing him in the class (though he hasn't actually said his name yet, eventually he'll have to tell the class, ne?) The rest was discussed with Ren's typist after the char was made. We determined that their families know each other, but Amanda and Ren haven't met yet.))
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((OOC: People in the Class: Amanda, Kasai, Kira, Kiyoshi, Kurosaki, Miyavi, Natsumi, Ryo, Shige, Shuichi, Wakashi, Yosuke, Yu Ling, Yui, Yuu; Teacher: Himura))

Amanda felt awful from the hangover that she didn't have time to take care of in the morning and she really didn't want to go to Italian. She was glad that the first day back was a Saturday. It meant she didn't have any classes with Rei and only had one with Shige. Since she didn't fully remember the night before, she was doing everything she could to completely avoid the two. She wasn't even sure if they were at school, but it was likely they were just as cranky as she was. Maybe they were more cranky. Maybe not, since she'd had to call for an emergency haircut, which had taken away from her sleep. Her hair was now waist length. She couldn't even remember how it had gotten so short. She was very fuzzy on some of the details of the night before, particularly what had happened to her hair.

That was why she was standing outside the door to her Italian class and debating if she should just ditch. It would even be easy. She just had to tell the teacher that she felt sick. It was even true. But going in to tell the teacher, now that was the real problem. If she went in and by some weird twist of fate Shige was actually early for once, then she'd have to face him. And it was likely he remembered more of what had happened the night before than she did.

Shaking her head, the blonde decided that it was better to just ditch without saying a word. She'd grabbed her violin when she was walking out the door in the morning because her mind was so troubled. It was her automatic way to clear her head, especially when her thoughts were a jumbled mess. She hadn't even realized she was carrying it until she was almost at the school gates.

Amanda turned on her heel and headed for the roof. She would just play the violin up there. It was unlikely that anyone was on the roof and since school was over after 4th hour, she could just hang around until it was time to leave.

As soon as she reached the roof, Amanda took out and tuned her violin. She then started playing, not at all caring about who might already be up there or might come up later. She poured all of her frustrated and confused thoughts into the music. Her fingers flew over the strings as she tried to put logic to the unclear memories of the night before. She knew better than to try forcing the memories, so instead she focused on playing a complicated trill on the violin.
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Amanda was drunk. Not only was she drunk, she was completely wasted. She'd lost count of how many she'd had to drink after five shots of whiskey. It was awful whiskey at that. She was pretty sure the stupid bastards had drugged her as well, but she couldn't really be sure. She wasn't sure how much she'd drank, but it was a lot more than usual and she didn't know if that warm and fuzzy feeling that was spreading over her entire body was related to the alcohol or something else. It was in fact an aphrodisiac drug that had been slipped into her seventh shot of whiskey, but Amanda had never taken drugs without a doctor prescribing it and didn't recognize the symptoms of this one.

She'd been given what should have been a simple delivery mission. The guy who normally delivered the items to the group of thugs had been beaten up pretty badly by the group for insulting their leader. He was still in the hospital with two broken legs and a broken arm. The higher ups didn't want to risk offending the group further, so they'd sent her. She'd been given two warnings before leaving: Be polite and humor the bastards if they made any requests.

The first request was to meet them in a shady area. In fact, they'd picked the shady bar because it was in an area she normally avoided and had little business spending time in. It was the heart of Lucifer's Reckoning's known territory, so of course she normally avoided it. She didn't like talking to druggies and particularly tried to avoid Shige and Rei.

She'd humored the first request because she knew it was a test to see if she had the guts to meet them. When she'd seen the dead eyes of the group and the cold humor, she knew the night wasn't over just because she'd handed the briefcase over. They'd asked her to sit down and join them for a drink. She'd humored them again and agreed to a couple of shots.

The whiskey was awful. The company was even worse. She'd brushed off several advances that got harder to brush off the more she drank. After five drinks, she'd stopped counting. She was sure she'd had at least two or three more, but was fuzzy on the exact number. She also thought she'd caught one of the guys adding some pill to her drink, but she might have been imagining that due to simple paranoia. Amanda was already too drunk by that time to really pay too much attention.

It was only telling the guys that she had school in the morning that allowed her to leave and then she'd had to walk very carefully out the door to avoid swaying. She knew instinctively that a clear sign of drunkenness would result in something unpleasant. She'd seen that predatory look in their eyes that meant trouble if she showed the slightest hint of weakness. She'd only breathed a sigh of relief when she was down the block and turned a corner without being pursued.

That was how she'd found herself completely drunk in an area that she really didn't want to be so late at night. Hell, she didn't want to be there during the day. Being drunk just meant she'd probably spill all kinds of secrets if she was asked the right questions. "Please God, don't let me run into either Sakurai Shige or Sanjo Rei. That would just make a piss-poor night even worse."

She was so drunk that she didn't even realize she was talking out loud, though at least she'd spoken in English. She was no longer walking straight, though at least she was still walking. She hadn't yet fallen asleep.
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Amanda sighed as she walked, not paying much attention to where she was going. The group of idiots who'd been causing all kinds of trouble were now officially no longer her problem. She'd given her report after she took action a few days earlier and dismantled their leader's gun. She was pretty sure they'd stop claiming to be Yakuza now that they didn't have a gun to wave around, so she no longer needed to worry about them. If they tried again, then she would be forced to take them down permanently and she was hoping they'd at least be smart enough to get the final warning so she wouldn't be forced to go after the idiots.

Now that she was no longer required to keep an eye on them, she felt like a burden had been lifted off her shoulders. It was a relief, especially since school would be starting again in just a couple more days.

Since she was still on half-doses of medicine, she noticed the hazy images of ghosts flitting around her. She was still convinced that they were ghosts and not hallucinations, primarily because she didn't think that her brain was making up so many imaginary people. She didn't think she was creative enough to come up with some of the odd things she heard and saw. Now that she was on half-doses and the images were hazy and blurred, she was starting to pick out differences from real people. She was hoping that she'd be able to get rid of the medicine if she could just avoid talking to the ghosts and pretend that they didn't exist.

"God, I really wish I wasn't cursed with such a useless and annoying ability." she muttered as she pulled out her mother's blood-stained cross and looked at it. She didn't say another word out-loud, but she was certainly thinking about how annoying it was to have to take medication so that she could tell the difference between ghosts and real people. In her opinion, ghosts should not look so solid when she could walk right through them.

She jumped a bit when suddenly a hazy image was right in front of her face. For any outside observer, she just looked like she was a little jumpy. Since it was getting late and it was full-dark, it could easily be explained away as jumpiness due to the late hour.
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19 June 2013 @ 08:37 am
Amanda walked past the long line at the door and right up to the bouncer at the door. She gave him a slow smile as she approached, ignoring the annoyed and angry looks shot her way by the girls who'd been waiting in line for more than an hour to enter the club. "Sen-kun! You're looking fun tonight." She stated, giving the bouncer a good look up and down. He was a big man and had a long knife scar across on cheek and running down another eye. Most of the girls and guys in line were intimidated, but the blonde couldn't care less. He gave her an amused look as he let her in.

As she walked into the club, the blonde waved at a few of the serving girls. They took one look at the blondes plain t-shirt and jeans before two of the oldest grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into the back. "You can't come into a club wearing that! What were you thinking, Ojou-sama?" One asked, pushing her into a dressing area in one of the back rooms. She rummaged around and then handed the blonde an outfit under the door. "Put this on. No complaining. We have a reputation as a stylish place to uphold, you know."

Amanda couldn't help the giggle when she was pushed into the room. She'd wondered what they would do when she showed up to look over the books dressed in plain street clothes. Now she knew.

With a bewildered look at the outfit, the blonde put it on. She wore a yellow top that looked little more than a swimsuit, a pink pair of short shorts and a pink jacket. Completing the look required high-heeled boots and a single thigh-high stocking. She was grateful for the fact that she'd remembered to put on the fake skin before leaving, since her scars would have shown up in the tiny outfit. She stepped out of the dressing area, feeling a little self-conscious. She rarely showed much of her body and since she was a late-bloomer, her chest had gotten bigger over the last month. It was embarrassing to wear such an outfit, but the girls looked satisfied with the outfit.

She was then pushed into a seat, where the girls put light makeup to make her bright green eyes stand out more. One girl sighed before saying "Jeez...I wish I had eyelashes that were as long as yours, Ojou-sama. You're so lucky." The blonde shook her head, smiling sheepishly. "Really...? Because I keep thinking of cutting them."

The girls shook their heads over the blonde's lack of enthusiasm to make herself look her best, but pronounced themselves satisfied and shooed her out the door. She walked to her usual table, fully aware of the long stares she was receiving. She could only hope that nobody from school saw her dressed in such an odd outfit. It was completely unlike her usual clothes, though she had to admit it was a cute look.

After the owner brought the books for the blonde to review, she settled in and ordered a glass of wine. Reading through the documents, the blonde couldn't help a satisfied smile from crossing her lips. Her grandfather had told her not to give a loan or invest in the new club, but it was already turning a large profit. The location and the reputation for meeting a spicy and a little dangerous individuals made it a oddly popular.

She waved the owner over to retrieve the books, deciding to stay and see what was so fascinating about the night club. She sipped her glass of wine, enjoying the music.

((OOC: Here's an image of what she's wearing. http://static1.minitokyo.net/view/22/06/557822.jpg ))
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Amanda stared at the crowded temple, her green eyes wide as she viewed the New Years rush.

'Wow...I have no idea what's going on...' the blonde thought, watching as one woman pushed her way to the front in excitement to get her New Years horoscope.

She followed the crowd, staring around her with a cat-like curiosity. She'd managed to avoid the kimono, which she was now thankful for since she was able to dodge around the crowd without worrying that someone would step on her outfit. Instead, she wore basic jeans topped with a pink sweater and her coat, scarf and gloves.

'It feels kind of like a summer festival, only it's cold, more people are running around and everyone's more excited...' Amanda thought, distracted by the sight of children running around.

Unfortunately, that distraction led Amanda to bumping into someone and stepping on their foot at the same time.

"I'm so sorry!" the blonde said instantly, removing her foot and bowing without looking to see who she'd run into.
Amanda was furious as she walked down the street with more grace than she typically allowed herself. She wore a formal kimono, though her hair was now loose and flowing behind her like a gold and silver waterfall. She didn't seem to notice the cold, though she hadn't bothered to put her coat back on.

"Ojousama!" came a shocked voice from behind her. Her formal escorts had been shocked when Amanda had walked out of the omiai after announcing that she wouldn't marry the boy she'd met if he were the last man on earth. She had even called the poor kid a warty toad, and she did feel a bit bad about that, but she was too furious to feel bad for long.

"Go away!" she growled at the two women and the one man that were now running to catch up with her. "I said I won't marry that toad kid and I won't. I refuse to be used by that greedy, no good...ugh!"

Just remembering the horrid old man that looked at her with greedy pig eyes made her stomach rebel. The old man had even said that if she didn't want to marry his son, she could always marry him! She was so disgusted that she had gotten up and left right then. 'As if I were desperate or something. I don't even want to get married and I definately don't want to marry someone older than my Papa!'

She ignored the escorts and continued walking, pausing briefly as she spotted a park. She changed her course and went into the park. When she spotted the escorts starting to follow, she turned and glared at them. "If you follow me, I will make you regret it. Go away and leave me alone. Report this if you want, but I know for a fact that it won't matter to Mama or Papa. That greedy pig isn't so powerful that I can't afford to offend." At another glare, they hesitantly backed away and then left, all of them concerned.

Amanda turned back to the park and took a deep breath of the cold air, letting her anger go. She shuddered once in remembrance of the horrid omiai, then let the emotions run out of her. She headed toward a swing and sat down, swinging just a bit, letting the flowing sleeves of her kimono float behind her. 'Such a pretty kimono and it went to waste.' she thought with a sigh, looking down at the beautiful robes she wore. The base color was in black, with silver butterflies flitting around. Purple flowers seemed to fly in the air with the butterflies as she moved, giving the butterflies a place to land. Her obi was a simple light pink that stood out from the black of her kimono. She had looked stunning when her hair was still up, but she's already ripped out all of the pins that had kept the long locks piled up on her head in a complicated style and now her hair was falling in waves nearly to the ground as she sat in the swing. She still had the light make-up on, but she had a feeling that it was not as pretty as it had been before she'd gotten angry.

"Stupid omiai...as though I want to get married before I even finish high school." she muttered under her breath, then she shook her head to clear it and looked up at the sky with a slight smile curving her lips. The look of shock that had been on their faces was amusing at least.
Amanda wandered, not sure what to do or where to go. Her mind was a confusing cacophony of noise, chattering loudly at her in a various voices. Shadow images swam in her vision and she tried to ignore them. She could tell, most of the time, which of the people standing before her were real and which weren't. For one, most of the people that she saw that others couldn't were people she knew were dead. Only one or two weren't known to be dead, though she assumed if they were following her, they must be dead. The other way to tell was that those who were real tended to change almost daily and the visions never did. Same clothes, same wounds, same words. They didn't change.

She ignored the voices that called her a murderer and continued on her way. Her dead-pan expression kept most away from her and a cold stare turned away those who were a little more bold. She stopped occationally, looking through the window of a store, though her eyes weren't really seeing what was before her.

'The doctors said they aren't real...They're hallucinations.' Amanda thought desperately, shoving the voices and visions aside to get that one clear thought. She then pulled out her mother's necklace and clenched it tightly in her hand. She immediately felt peace wash over her and she took a deep breath. Her mother's necklace was something that for her usually could cut through the visions and let her see the reality, even if just enough to remind her that what she saw wasn't always seen by others. Gathering her tattered mind and clinging desperately to that truth, Amanda continued to walk, her eyes growing more focused in reality as she did.

She stopped outside a cafe, debating if she should go in or stay outside. She didn't want to risk talking to something that wasn't there and thinking she was talking to a waiter or waitress. It would raise far too many questions. But she was very tempted to get some hot tea. Though the medicines the doctors made her take tended to dull her nerves so pain, heat and cold tended to be distant, almost non-existant feelings for her, she could tell by the way her fingers moved that they were starting to become numb despite her gloves. She stood quietly outside, unsure what she should do.
Amanda followed after a group of boys around 16 to 18 years of age. There were seven of them, laughing boisterously and shoving each other. They drew many looks of annoyance from those around them. Amanda walked inconspicuously behind, keeping track of the group while taking a convoluted route to avoid them. She found herself walking on the top of a wall and stopped when they did. She sat down, keeping her legs on the wall instead of dangling them. She could see and hear them, but they were oblivious to her presence.

Unlike the last job, where she'd ultimately killed the man, this was simply a follow and listen job. There'd been rumors that this group of boys was claiming Yakuza connections they didn't have to force street gangs to give them whatever it was they wanted. The impression was made more tangible to those they threatened because the leader of the group had a gun. Since guns were illegal in Japan, it wasn't likely for him to have a gun without being in the Yakuza. At least, that was what a number of those they bullied believed. Amanda knew that they were just some well to do kids that wanted to play at Yakuza. They didn't know how dangerous a game they were playing.

"I've always wanted to try some drugs you can buy on the streets..." one of the boys said, looking around him at the others. The leader wasn't there yet, but they were trying to decide what they were going to do.

"Why bother? It's too much trouble. And the street sellers are supposed to be tough." another of them argued, looking annoyed.

"Like any of them will go against us if we pulled a gun on them." the first boy replied, obviously not happy with the second.

They continued along the same idea for awhile, arguing back and forth. It was the arrival of their gun-toting leader that stopped their chatter. Amanda had been tuning them out, but she brought her attention back to the group when she heard the new voice.

"We're going to claim to be the Southern Yakuza's men today. The boss is supposed to be really tough, so people won't even try to go against us. The man is called 'the dragon of the south' and there's nothing tougher sounding than that." the leader said, sounding smug.

Amanda rolled her eyes, silently lifting herself up to a crouch so that she could follow them once they started to move. 'Well...my job is basically done...They are definately claiming to be Papa's men and they don't even seem to know the group name. Just rumors about Papa.' she thought, deciding to follow them awhile longer to be sure that they made the same claim elsewhere to someone before calling.

She didn't hear the rest of their plan and was singularly uninterested. If they decided to pick on some little street gang, it didn't matter to her. She would only step in if they claimed to be from the southern yakuza while talking to anyone who was really yakuza. 'These idiots might just start a yakuza war with their dumb claims.' she thought, annoyed. She'd had to kill one man recently, she didn't want to have to kill again.

She followed them, taking more of an alley cat route that walked on walls and kept to the shadows where she wouldn't be noticed. She waited while they ate at some low class restraunt and continue trailing them when they finally picked their target. She didn't know or care what they wanted for the poor kid they started beating up. She simply watched and waited, calling in to get some clean up guys out.

She didn't recognise the kid they were hitting, but she could tell that the street kid wouldn't have a problem taking out one or two of these guys. It was the fact that eight were ganging up on one that was making the kid lose. She sighed and waited, not wanting to lose the group. They seemed content to just stay put though. She waited at the top of the wall, hearing their outrageous claims of yakuza connections and watching the leader pull out his gun and wave it around. She could tell with one look that he'd never fired the weapon, but the kid getting beat didn't know that.

'This could be a long night.' she thought, annoyed. Not only was she being given more jobs due to break from school, but after that last job, they had decided to give her stupid trailing jobs like this. These were usually reserved for new recruits, to get their feet wet. 'So boring...' she thought, wishing silently that something more interesting would happen.
Amanda waited until the last of the regulars had left, staying in the pew. She kept her head down and hands folded in a way that looked like she was praying. Really she was thinkng over the crime she had committed two days before. She hadn't been able to sleep since then and she hadn't been able to eat with the nausea that assulted her.

She hadn't run into Shige or Rei, but in her search, she'd come across the man she'd been sent to find. She'd been lucky. He hadn't yet passed on the folder and she was able to retrive it. Unfortunately, she'd also recieved a call and was told that she had to kill him. He was a traitor who'd been passing on information for awhile, though he had only with this folder had access to information about the higher ups. He was going to be meeting a police officer. Apparently, the police had made a deal with him. They would take care of his sister's hospital bills in exchange for information concerning the Yakuza. He hadn't been trusted enough to get information about the higher ups, so the police hadn't acted on the information he'd given them. They'd wanted him to become trusted so that they could bring in all of the Yakuza leaders.

Amanda frowned as she considered the man some more, feeling sick to her stomach and glad that she'd not eaten for the last day and a half. The only threat to Okita and the twins would be that the police might have questioned them. Amanda felt guilt overtake her and she looked up at the cross displayed at the front of the church, wishing for some kind of peace.

'It was a quick kill...a merciful kill....' she thought, knowing that it was a quick death. She'd made it look like a ritual suicide to regain his honor, but she'd placed the knife carefully so that it would hit his vitals and he would die quickly.

She looked up at the priest, knowing that she looked awful. She had rings under her eyes from the lack of sleep and she was pale from lack of food. Her guilt was eating her alive and she'd not been taking her medications, making it that much worse for the voices and visions that were tormenting her, adding substance to the guilt she already felt.

'Not even God would forgive me...' she thought as she got up. She planned to confess her sins anyways and she headed to confessional to do just that.

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned....It's 11 years since my last confession..." Amanda said before pouring out all of the sins she'd committed in her whole life. She knew that she wouldn't do the tasks assigned her, but she was confessing anyways. The guilt had built too far for her to ignore it further. She didn't listen to the priest and she knew that she wouldn't be recognised here. On her way out, she placed a donation. She knew that she would go to hell for her sins, but talking about it to the priest had alleviated her guilt enough that she felt like she might be able to eat and sleep again. With that thought in mind, she headed home. She would deliver Christmas gifts later, after she'd slept a few hours.
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Amanda was furious as she walked down the street. She hadn't been assigned to kill anyone since she'd been in Japan. She wasn't actually assigned to kill this time. She was simply to bring the traitor in for the Uncles to handle. But this time, she wasn't sure she could hold in her temper. This time, the traitor had betrayed her, and it was personal.

She was again sent out to bring someone in to be "questioned" by the uncles, but she'd been given the full report. The Uncles didn't want to leave her in the dark about this, since there was also a certain file to retrieve. It was full of information about the group, especially the higher ups. It contained information about her as well. All of the information about her. From her childhood nightmares to her time in the asylum and even to just yesterday and Okita's visit. It was the last part that made Amanda the most furious. The man who stole the information had pretended to be one of theirs and even had been one of the thugs that Amanda had been the most fond of. He ruffled her hair in a fatherly way and was always telling her jokes and teasing her. It was a betrayal that was all the more upsetting to her for his friendliness. He was passing onto the Wolf information about her and putting all of her friends and acquaintances in danger.

'It's been four years...' Amanda thought, a shiver running down her spine. 'I haven't killed in four years...'

Her green eyes flashed with anger as she headed to the areas she knew Shige's gang controlled. It was also the area the man had run, knowing that she usually avoided this area. He thought it was because of the voices she heard, not because she was simply avoiding Shige and his people as much as possible. He thought she wouldn't follow him here, and he was wrong. She didn't know the area well though, and that made her more annoyed. To find him before he handed off that file, she might have to make a deal with the devil and ask Shige or Rei for a favor.

'I don't care...If it comes to that, I'll offer anything they want in return. That bastard put Okita, Varu and Varuna in danger. Probably anyone else who's talked to me too. I'll kill him for that.' she thought, grinding her teeth in frustration. More than anything, she was mad at him because she was angry enough to kill him. She hadn't felt this kind of vengefulness in years and she wasn't happy to find it still lurking beneath the surface.

She walked with a cat-like grace, swiftly covering ground. Anyplace she passed that looked promising to hold the man she searched for was looked in. She became more agitated at not seeing him and after about half an hour of looking, she changed her mind and headed for the most likely areas to find Shige or Rei, or at least someone who could take her to one of them. She hated to ask for help, but she wasn't going to allow all of her friends to be killed simply for having talked to her.

Now she watched for Shige's thugs. She was going to try making a deal and she didn't care what it would cost her.
Amanda hummed as she pulled out fresh baked bread from the oven. She had a homemade pasta already finished and keeping warm as she waited for Okita and the twins to come over. She put the bread aside to cool a bit so that she could cut it and checked on the dessert. She actually had a few things for dessert so that the twins and Okita could take some home. She'd made two cheesecakes, one topped with fresh strawberries that had been costly, but worth the price in her mind, and the other just a plain cheesecake. She had also baked some little mini cakes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla all decorated with Christmas frosting showing little decorated Christmas trees, Santa and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. She'd spent the morning making her apartment kid friendly, hiding all the knives and other sharp objects and putting up Christmas decorations, complete with presents under the tree for the twins and Okita.

Amanda thought that they'd enjoy the gifts. For the twins, she got a variety of toys, some of which weren't even out on the market yet and all of which were popular. She also had some stylish children's clothes for the twins in varying looks, not sure what colors or style they preferred, but getting them similar clothes to what she'd seen them wearing before. She figured that it wouldn't hurt for them to have new clothes. For Okita, she'd also gotten her some clothes in the latest styles and a new winter coat. She didn't like the look of Okita's current coat, thinking it might not be warm enough for the whole winter. She'd gotten the other girl a jewelry set that she couldn't resist, it seemed to be telling her it was perfect for Okita. She'd have given some money as well, but she didn't think Okita would accept money for Christmas. The other girl was proud in that way and Amanda was already getting the next letter from Okita's 'Father' ready anyways. She planned for it to arrive on Christmas day. She was going to ask Okita today, when the twins were otherwise occupied, if she could give the twins some New Years money the next week, since it was a tradition in Japan.

The last part of the gifts were various candies from around the world that she thought the twins might like and some fruits. It was tradition in her family to give fruit at Christmas, something to do with the Great Depression she'd been told, but she never understood the tradition. She'd gotten only the best fruits though, and they were all hard to find this time of year, since they had to be imported from more tropical locations.

She was excited as she cut up the bread and got that ready. She had her table set up for four with sparkling cider, juice and water on the table already and a salad already on the salad plates. She set the basket of bread in the center of the table before checking on the pasta. She was not only restless, but a bit nervous as well, hoping that Okita wouldn't be offended by the gifts. She loved to give gifts, especially to the few friends she had. Under the tree, she also had a few gifts for Haitani and his Mother, Kurosaki, her doctors and various Yakuza friends, all labeled with their names. She was thinking of getting gifts for newer friends, but she hadn't yet decided if that would be improper.

She pulled out her violin and started to play Ava Maria, letting the beautiful music calm her down. She let her feelings out in the music, giving it a cheerful and calming sound.
Amanda walked into the store and looked around. She was in a cheerful mood, since Okita and her had made plans for the break. They were going to have dinner at Amanda's house and she was here to decide what to make for dinner when Okita and the twins came over. She would be making something Italian, but she hadn't yet decided what it would be.

'Maybe that meal Grandmama made last time I visited...that would be good. And I'll bet Okita and the twins have never tried something like that before....' she thought, heading to look at the various flours available. If she was making something with her Grandmother's recipe, it would be from scratch, including the making of the pasta noodles.

She started to slowly make her selections, picking only the best materials for the noodles. She let a bright smile touch her lips as she continued to look through various materials.

'Maybe I should make a salad too....that would be good. And some bread. Can't have pasta without some good bread...' she thought, humming softly to herself now. She hadn't cooked for anyone besides herself in awhile.
Amanda shifted the bags of groceries, making the weight a bit more evenly distributed. She was in no hurry, since she didn't have anything else to do except go home and work on her homework. She walked slowly, looking in shops along the way with little real interest.

'School is so boring....' she thought, wanting to put off homework for as long as possible. She glanced down an alleyway as she passed, her expression absentminded. She wasn't really paying too much attention to what was going on around her today.

She stopped in front of a clothing store and smiled a bit to see a really girlie dress on display. It was pink and fluffy and covered with so much lace it really was a hideous dress. She shifted the groceries again to free one of her hands before entering the shop and buying the dress. It was an impulse she couldn't resist the second she saw the ugly dress. She would send it to her aunt in America.

'I bet aunty would love this! It's just the type of ugly thing she would enjoy wearing to infuriate everyone around her.' Amanda thought as she started on her way again, her mood much more cheerful now that she had the dress.
Amanda smiled a bit to herself. She had just convinced one of the men to open a bank account with the name "Michael Williams" in a bank that was international. She then deposited into that account a rather hefty sum of money, all the savings she had for the last few months of "spending money" she'd been sent. She only kept enough for her own needs, putting aside the rest. She then had the same man write a money order to an "Okita Williams" for a sum that would cover Okita's rent, food and clothing for the next couple months. After taking awhile to assess the man's handwriting in English, Amanda composed a letter which stated:

'It has come to my attention, after a great deal of searching, that I have a daughter. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that! I searched for the mother, and instead found out that she had a daughter, and that the daughter is mine. I'm sorry, my child, that I cannot see you and that I have not sent money to help support you all these years....but I will make amends as I can. For now, please accept the money I am sending you. I know it's not much, but I hope it will help with your needs. I am sorry it arrives so late...but I only recently found out that I had a daughter!'

Amanda then signed the note with the name "Michael Williams" being sure that the signiture was a close enough match to that on the money order that it wouldn't be obvious that a different person signed and write it. After that, she put it in an envelope and addressed it before putting it in the mail. She didn't think of the act as one of charity, since in her mind it wasn't. She was meerly taking Okita under her protective wing. And she was doing so in a way that she hoped the other girl couldn't reject.

Smiling to herself, Amanda walked away from the mailbox and headed home.
((Students in this class: Ancient Japanese Arts- Aishida, Amanda, Kazuya, Kurosaki, Leo, Maikeru, Masao, Matthew, Rei, Shige, Shuichi, Sumara, Yukimura, Yuu))

Amanda walked into the room, humming something in an absentminded way. She had forgotten her medicine that morning, as well as the night before, so she was starting to show some of the symptoms of her illness. Despite the humming, her face showed no expression and was completely dead-pan. She walked to her desk, set her stuff down and then started for the front of the room. She stopped half-way and turned back to her desk, almost like she'd forgotten something. Once again, she stopped half-way and turned around, this time going to the front of the room.

She gave anyone who happened to already be in the class a smile that could only be described as disturbing and a bit off, not at all reaching her eyes. It was what some people might call a psychotic smile, giving no warmth or comfort and looking rather like it was a parody of a real smile.

"GOOD MOR-!" she called in a loud voice that was curiously devoid of any actual inflection. She stopped mid-word and then just stared straight ahead for a moment. After a second she headed back to her seat, humming again. It was hard for her to focus with the whispers telling her all kinds of interesting things. She muttered a reply to one of those whispers, though it was an oddly mixed reply of Italian, English and Japanese.

She then shoved aside the whispers in her mind, grabbing it mentally and forcing herself to focus on getting her homework out and putting it on her desk. Looking at the assignment, she tilted her head to the side. It was gibberish. Or rather, it looked like gibberish. Once the entire paper was read, it almost made sense, though it was oddly spliced together and choppy. It was one of the worst papers she'd written. While she was more intelligent without her medication, she found that she had trouble with organizing her thoughts or managing to complete a task set before her in a timely manner if it didn't coincide with the whispers.

With a determined mindset, she forced her mind to focus and ignore what she heard around her that was whispered. For now, she knew that the whispers weren't necessarily heard by other people, so she ignored them to focus on the class. She figured that real people would probably talk loud enough in general to hear, and she would remember her medicine later.
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((Archery: Amanda, Andrea, Kaoru, Kasai, Kazuo, Kira, Miyavi, Ryoko, Takarai, Yui, Yumi))

Amanda hummed as she strung her bow, now having a good idea of how to use this weapon. She was still miffed that Kazuo was better than she was, but he wouldn't be practicing with an injured arm.

'I'll have to learn a new specialty anyways...something more hand to hand I think...hmmm....bladed fans would be fun. I'll ask Mama and Papa for a teacher and private lessons with my next report.' she thought absentmindedly. She'd been considering different weapons to learn, since she was tired of most projectiles and frustrated with the Japanese bow that still didn't quite want to cooperate with her.

She was horrible with any weapon like swords or other staff type weapons and she had no desire to work clumsily as a new born chick until she finally got it. And she would never be great at that. Daggers or short weapons of a similar nature she was good at, but she usually used them as projectiles, like throwing knives. She could use them for basic defense if she had to, but preferred to use just her hands in that kind of case. Hand to hand was infinately easier than trying to not cut herself with a dagger. But she needed to learn something new here.

She was only given a gun if she was supposed to kill people, and since the doctors sent weekly reports, she wouldn't be required to do any mercenary type work or assassin type work any time in the near future. Guns were her best weapon, but she wasn't allowed to have one, so she needed to learn something new.

'Maybe I should pay for Yui to get private lessons in something as well...It won't do to have a rival I can beat with ease after all....I should do so annonymously though. I want her to be at least close to the same strength, or it would be pointless to keep her as a rival.' she thought, eyes trailing over in the direction Yui generally tended to be.

She then turned her attention back to her bow, checking that all was secure and that she could bend it easily. She wouldn't be up to shoot for a little bit, but it was always good to be prepared.
Amanda sighed as she walked down the street. She had been more careful not to let the doctors know that she'd been occationally forgetting to take her medicine and as a result, some of her symptoms were coming back. After she'd been paranoid about forgetting on Monday, she'd gone home and counted her morning medicine. She'd had a few more than she would if she'd been taking it all of the time.

'They didn't suspect anything...and I know I took it this morning since I wrote a reminder.' she thought, a bit miffed at having to write that reminder. The affects of the medicines really were hard to like, since they tended to make her feel like she was constantly moving through water and sometimes even made her twitch. Some of the ones they'd tried while she was in the hospitals had been so bad that she'd been unable to react to anything and one was worse than being completely vulnerable. She'd ended up with tardive dyskinesia and the experience hadn't been pleasant. The doctors at the hospital had taken her off that particular medicine immediately, but she still didn't like the idea of that medicine.

'Well...the new medicine isn't all that bad...it only slows my mind and body a little and so far I havn't had the worst of the possible side-affects.' she thought, walking along a slow and idle pace. Meeting with the doctors who were supposedly "helping" her usually put her in a brooding and somewhat irritable state of mind. If it weren't for the nature of her disorder being what it was, she probably wouldn't have gotten help, but even the Sawada's knew that it would be a liability as much as a help for her to be free of the medications and the weekly sessions on proper behavior in public.
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