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amanda_evers's Journal

3 March
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((Message from typist: This is a character journal for an original character in japanese_high All icons are made by either myself or my friend who is credited in a way she knows.))

Name: Amanda Marie Evers Sawada

Nickname: Mandy

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Grade: 10

Birthday: March 3rd

Pretty Dress Amanda photo 1729575.jpg

Appearance: Amanda is about 5'4" tall with waist-length blonde hair and green cat-like eyes. Although she is slender, Amanda is also strong from muscle training and exercise that she does daily. Amanda keeps a smile on her face to make herself look stupid as part of her cover-up, but her expressions can change suddenly when she is angry. Her outfits tend to change regularly based on the type of mindset she has on a particular day.

Best Physical Feature: Her hair

Cool Beats Amanda photo idolmaster14.jpg

Personality: Amanda acts like a clumsy, dumb blonde. She is almost always smiling and does not seem to worry about anything. She seems to be optimistic and energetic, but is also hiding many secrets and can be seen with different expressions if she is caught without her act in place. Amanda is athletic, but lacks a bit in book smarts.

Character Surveys: http://www.livejournal.com/users/amanda_evers/2466.html#cutid1

Good Traits: Observant, strong, cute

Bad Traits: Klutz, naive...ends up seeming a bit slow because of it, doesn't trust people, has trouble reading Japanese Kanji and therefore is terrible in most her classes.

Likes: Blood, gore, intrigue, sharp intellects/instincts, her auntie, a good book (in English...she's not good at reading Japanese), shopping, cleaning, practicing her aim/hand to hand fighting techniques.

Dislikes: The men who killed her Mama and Papa, meanies, slow instincts, emotions (they're a weakness), romantic stuff, "love", being female (It makes things so much harder, to stay in her place but not be pushed around by men), doctors, nurses, padded white walled rooms

Fighting style: She's good at hand to hand and has perfect aim with projectile weapons. (throwing knives, guns, bow and arrows) Even if she's new to a projectile weapon (like Japanese bow) she adjusts quickly. She can work with short weapons in hand to hand type situations (like a knife), but she is clumsy with a sword, scythe or any other such weapon.

History: On Amanda's 5th birthday her parents were murdered before her eyes. Shortly after her parents deaths, her aunt took her in and taught her to extract revenge on those who took her parents lives. She was taught the basics of fighting, cooking and poisons from her aunt. For a short time, she went insane, and was put in insane asylums, moved around as her aunt moved, but recovered her "sanity" eventually. Amanda lived in America most of her life, but moved to Japan at her aunt's request to ensure her continued sanity. Shortly after coming to Japan, became involved with the Yakuza. She was adopted into the Sawada family.

Aspiration photo THEIDOLMSTER-23-Large05.jpg

Job: Her new parents send her money for things, since she is no longer a bodyguard.

Vehicle: none. Walks

Family Notes: Biological Mother- Deceased

Biological Father- Deceased

Claudina Lucianetti - Amanda's biological aunt on her mother's side. Claudina is a 35 year old woman who looks much younger than her age. She works hard to maintain her wavy dark brunette hair and slender 5'6" body. She has large doe-like brown eyes and the typical olive skin tone found in Italy. She was originally born in Italy, but moved to America when she was a child. Claudina taught Amanda to fight and works as a mercenary and occasional assassin. She often works with various mafia groups. She is barren.

Armand Lucianetti - Amanda's biological grandfather on her mother's side. Although he looks like a kind, elderly man at first glance, he is often called the Beast in the international underworld because of his cruel nature. He is the boss of one of the largest international underground Italian mafia groups and is known as a shrewd business man in his legitimate and legal businesses. Due to his illegal and legal business activities, he is very wealthy. His only heir is Amanda, who he essentially sold to the Yakuza in an effort to marry her off to an appropriate Japanese mafia family.

Ricadonna Lucianetti - Amanda's biological grandmother on her mother's side. A nice old woman that Amanda's only seen on occasion who enjoys cooking. Amanda doesn't know much about her except that she is an amazing cook, the wife of a Mafia boss and she is clueless about her husband's illegal activities.

"Mama"- Lilly Sawada, the wife of a Yakuza boss and a Ninja. Amanda doesn't know much about her except that she isn't fond of many women, is a strong fighter and Amanda wants to be as strong as she is someday. Amanda has only met her in person a couple of times and was impressed with her strength.

"Papa"- Kyoharu Sawada, a Yakuza boss. Amanda doesn't know much about Kyoharu, except that he is a mystery and she is supposed to talk formally to him. She's only met him in person perhaps once or twice, though her orders come through him on a tape (which usually has funny sounds in the background for a good majority of it that she fast forwards through).

Neighborhood: Apartment areas of Shinjuku. It has shopping, business areas and three train stations nearby. The train stations are within walking distance along the Toei Oedo-line. There are clubs around where she lives and while it's easily safe during the day, late night is not as safe due to the nearby clubs. Overall, the area is for middle-class and a relatively nice area.

Dating Status: Single

Has Dated: Ichiro Toriyama

Social Status: Has moved often, so doesn't make many friends.



1 Homeroom F
2 Biology
3 Geometry
4 Japanese 1
5 Japanese History
6 English 1
7 PE 1


1 Homeroom F
2 Music
3 Business
4 Japanese 1
5 Italian
6 English 1
7 PE 1


1 Homeroom F
2 Music
3 Business
4 Italian

Friday Clubs
Saturday Clubs

1st Term-
Monday and Wednesday Sport
-Temporary N/A
Tuesday and Thursday Sport
-Temporary N/A

2nd Term-
Monday and Wednesday Sport
-Temporary N/A
Tuesday and Thursday Sport
-Temporary N/A

3rd Term-
Monday and Wednesday Sport
-Temporary N/A
Tuesday and Thursday Sport
-Temporary N/A

Excels in: English, English Reading, English Composition, PE, Music, Italian (Are the only classes she's passing with higher than a D)

Does Poorly in: Japanese, Biology, Physics, Math, Japanese History, Any class where things are written in Japanese

Quote: "Because strength is defined
Not by the emotion behind it
But rather by the person who yields it"

Title: Best Dumb Blonde Act [Given on November 24, 6:00 PM]